Monday, October 29, 2012

The journey to bring our son home has been so emotional the process is long and the cost is overwhelming but we know in our hearts its so worth it all! I often at night imagine holding him and rocking him to sleep like I did our older children and still do with Gavin our youngest who also has down syndrome.  I wonder who holds Wyatt at night has he ever been rocked  to sleep.I cant wait to know his smell you mamma bears out there know what I mean my love for you my precious son is so strong and soon I will be holding you tight and rocking you im my loving arms! Wyatt you are so loved and so wanted and I promise to be the best mommy you are so deserving of! Your daddy and sisters and baby brother cant wait to meet you and you get to be Gavin's big brother so you get to teach him lots of things and your sisters are thrilled to have another little brother!  I pray every night that soon you will be home where you belong our family wont be complete until than. We are so blessed to have people who are supporting us and helping to bring you home and for that we are so grateful!

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